1958 Metal goods retail

Owner: Werner Ditzinger

1971 Transition from retail to technical wholesale trade

New building in the industrial zone Braunschweig-Rüningen

1971 New building

1990 Purchase of the company building

Extension of the product group roller bearings/drive systems

Ditzinger SLC GmbH

Company founded in 1997 in Hannover

1997 Creation of branch

in Nordhausen, Thüringen

2011 Relocation of the branch

in Nordhausen, Thüringen

Werner Ditzinger GmbH

Headquarters since 2001


The economic momentum of the 1950’s encouraged the founder of our company, Werner Ditzinger, to try his luck. The takeover of a small, tendering retail company called Louis Siebers took place; after a short transition period Werner Ditzinger took over sole responsibility for the managing of the business. Apart from tools and screws the company had other products on offer; these continued to be sold for a while after. Pots, pans as well as mesh wire fence available in bulk provided for a diverse product range mix; back then these items enjoyed even more significance than today.

The development of the company quickly took a new direction. While private households had previously been the key customers, the focus was now on industrial clients and on future growth. Werner Ditzinger realized that the company needed a new direction. He therefore made a historic decision for a second time and carried out the transformation from retail to wholesale trade. A new business unit in a different location was required, therefore in 1971, after the construction of a new building, the business moved to a new industrial zone in Rüningen.

The creation of Ditzinger SLC GmbH as a subsidiary in Hannover in 1997 was the first step outside our traditional, established sales area around Braunschweig. This constituted the cornerstone for a nationwide development of our activities. Jan Scherreiks and Jörg Schmidt – two excellent roller bearing specialists – have, along with Axel Ditzinger, taken on the leadership of this facility.

A generation change took place in 1998, when Werner Ditzinger withdrew from the responsibility for the business. Katja and Axel Ditzinger took over the management of the company.

Our branch in Nordhausen, in Thüringen, began its activity in 1999 – another expansive step in the company’s development.

The year 2005 saw another historic milestone in the history of our company. Thanks to the expansion in Poland and the resulting formation of Ditzinger Sp. z o.o., we launched a subsidiary abroad for the first time.

Another German branch opened in Einbeck in 2009. Thanks to the continuous growth of this facility we could truly adopt a positive outlook to the future.

The development of our company also involves the broadening of our product and service range: further proof that we have prepared our business for the future. And since you – the customer – are always at the heart of everything we do, we continuously strive to improve our offer.