Safety – thanks to original products

Around 40 tons of counterfeit roller bearings in a nominal value of around eight million Euros have been destroyed by both global leaders, SKF and the Schaeffler Group, on the site of the FAG plant in Schweinfurt. The counterfeit products, with INA, FAG and SKF branding, had been discovered on the premises of a Franconian roller bearings dealership.

The commercial damage caused by the surfacing of counterfeit products is hard to quantify. This is detrimental not only to the businesses that manufacture brand products and undertake extensive research, development and quality assurance measures, but also to the companies that assemble such parts. However, those who suffer most are their customers. Roller bearings are security relevant goods, whose breakdown can result in devastating damage and even accidents. Inferior quality products not only can therefore lead to expensive downtimes but also to dangerous accidents – suffice to imagine the breakdown of a wheel bearing whilst taking a sharp corner.

Even those resorting to product counterfeiting use modern manufacturing methods. This makes it ever more difficult to visually differentiate originals from counterfeit items. Things are different when it comes to functionality and quality. Unfortunately, problems in these areas only become apparent when it is already too late. How can a buyer protect himself from procuring counterfeit parts? In principle – only by purchasing bearings from a 100% safe source: the manufacturer and his distributor – not the grey market. This is also important from the warranty point of view. In case of problem, sellers and buyers of counterfeit bearings cannot rely on the manufacturer’s product liability.

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